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Spinal Conditions

The Spine & Cranium

    Our spine is very important because it houses the control system of the body, our central nervous system. Whenever our spine starts to experience any type of dysfunction, then that can progress to causing unwanted symptoms. Many different factors can cause dysfunction throughout the spine and surrounding musculature, joints, and connective tissue; therefore, our goal at Backed by Blackmon is to identify the root cause because this allows us to put together an individualized treatment option for each patient.

How Chiropractic Can Help

     Chiropractic is a safe and effective option for treating common conditions that affect the spine or cranium. At Backed by Blackmon, we offer many therapies that can be utilized to decrease the dysfunction in the body that is causing someone unwanted symptoms. We will treat with chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy (cupping, dry needling, shockwave therapy), spinal decompression, low-level laser therapy, and/or physical rehabilitation. Of course, everyone’s treatment is different and specific to their needs.


All of our treatment options can be found in greater detail on our services page. 

Common Spinal & Cranial Conditions
  • Nervous System Interferences

  • Neck & Back Pain

  • Headaches: Tension, Cervicogenic, Migraines, Sinus

  • TMJ Discomfort & Clicking

  • Sciatica

  • Disc Herniations

  • Arthritis & Joint Stiffness

  • Muscle Pain & Spasms

  • Autoimmune Conditions

Don't See Your Condition?

     Chiropractic may help with a number of conditions, and it would be nearly impossible for us to list out each and every one. If you did not see your specific condition, then please contact us either via phone or email!

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