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About Us

     Welcome to Backed by Blackmon! We are a chiropractic, sports therapy, and wellness clinic located in Clear Lake City, Texas. We pride ourselves on being evidence-based, which means that our methods of treatment are supported by research. Our clinic is happy to provide treatment for all ages. 

     Here at Backed by Blackmon, we have many specialties because we truly believe in the importance of chiropractic care for the entire family. Whether that be for a parent that has a job that requires a lot of labor and experiences severe pain as a result, an expectant mother that is dealing with a pregnancy that is causing discomfort in the body, a teenager that plays many sports and has had difficulties with various sports injuries, a young child that is super active and is experiencing growing pains, or an infant that could be dealing with difficulties as a result of birth trauma. Above all, chiropractic is available to each family member listed above that simply wants overall improvement in health and wants a proactive style of chiropractic rather than a reactive style of chiropractic. 




     We take the time to listen to each of our patients to gain a better understanding of what brings them to see us. Whether that is for proactive (preventative) chiropractic care or reactive chiropractic care, we are always looking to address the root cause of a concern to aid in preventing or removing any unwanted symptoms. Our body functions as a unit and should be treated as one. We understand that each body and every injury is different; therefore, we offer various amount of therapies and treatment options that can all be found in greater detail on our services page. We use many therapies and treatment options to manage and co-manage patients to ensure that each patient is receiving the best evidence-based care. We also work closely with a great team of medical doctors and other medical professionals to ensure that each patient is being treated from all aspects to aid in healing and wellness.

"I knew I wanted to open my own practice when I first started chiropractic school. I chose the name Backed by Blackmon as a way to honor my parents. Because my parents backed my dreams is the reason why I am able to back you and your family's health. It is such a blessing to serve the greater Houston area through chiropractic care."

- Dr. B. Likely

Backed by Blackmon has a focused commitment to providing the highest quality of chiropractic care possible to you and your family. This desire for excellence is why we utilize The Insight NeuroTech Nervous System Scan.

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