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What to Expect on Your First Visit

Intake Forms

Once you have booked your complimentary consultation, then you will be emailed an intake form to complete before your appointment. The purpose of the intake form is to allow us to gather general information about you and what is bringing you into Backed by Blackmon.

A Detailed History

Once your consultation begins, then our doctor will take a detailed medical history to gain knowledge about your health and to learn more about your condition. Our doctor uses this history to formulate a diagnosis to ensure that you will receive the best care for not only your current condition but also for any other current health conditions that you may have.

A Detailed Physical Examination

After our doctor has completed your consultation, then our staff will schedule your initial visit in the office. Your new patient visit in office will begin with a physical examination. During your exam, our doctor will start off by taking your vitals to make sure your condition is not a result of any unknown health conditions, and also to make sure you are in a good standing health wise. After your vitals are taken, then our doctor will check out your area of complaint by performing specific orthopedic and neurological tests, checking the surrounding musculature, and assessing the range of motion of the surrounding area. The examination will complete with the INSiGHT Nervous System Scan.

Report of Findings

Once your physical examination is completed, then our doctor will give you a report of findings. A report of findings consists of your diagnosis, your treatment options, your treatment plan, and the prognosis of your condition. Each report of findings is specific to each patient and condition because no two bodies are alike.


After the completion of your report of findings, treatment will begin. Everyone's treatment will look a little different, but treatment will typically include soft tissue therapy, adjustments, and rehabilitation exercises. 

Post Treatment Instructions

After treatment, our doctor will give you instructions on what to do following your appointment. You may be advised to ice or heat, refrain from certain activities, and/or perform your at home rehabilitation exercises. 

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