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Peak Sports Performance

Sports Performance

     The motor division of our nervous system is responsible for our movements. If our nervous system is not functioning optimally, then that can directly cause us to not perform motor skills to the best of our ability. Here at Backed by Blackmon, we utilize INSiGHT technology to detect for disturbances in the nervous system. Our Doctor of Chiropractic has received specialized training in sports chiropractic and works with athletes from all types of sports from the elementary to professional level. 

     Injuries are also very common in sports. Our chiropractor has specialized training in treating sports injuries to allow athletes the opportunity to not only get back to their sport but also compete at the level they desire. 


How Chiropractic Can Help

     Research shows that chiropractic care has a direct impact on our reflexes. Individuals with a dysfunction-free nervous system will be able to respond to a stimulus faster than an individual with a nervous system that has interferences. Properly responding to stimuli is crucial in sports. Chiropractic care is also shown to help individuals return to play after a sports-related injury. At Backed by Blackmon, we offer many therapies that can be utilized to help give an athlete a competitive edge or return to play after an injury. We will treat with chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy (cupping, dry needling, shockwave therapy), spinal decompression, low-level laser therapy, and/or physical rehabilitation. Of course, everyone’s treatment is different and specific to their needs.


All of our treatment options can be found in greater detail on our services page. 

Common Sports Related Stimuli
  • A Fastball in Baseball

  • The Gun in Track & Field

  • The Horn in Swimming

  • Guarding People in Basketball

  • Catching, Tackling, and Throwing in Football

  • Defending and Kicking in Soccer

Don't See Your Sport Specific Stimuli?

     Chiropractic may help with increasing sports performance in many sports, and it would be nearly impossible for us to list out each and every one. If you did not see your specific sport, please contact us either via phone or email!

Have a Sports-Related Injury?

     View our Spinal or Extremity Conditions pages to view common sports-related injuries that we treat at Backed by Blackmon.

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